Welcome to Bytecare.se

Bytecare.se is a company located in Arjeplog, Sweden and delivers IT services, mainly within the realm of communication infrastructure towards small and mid-size businesses.

Bytecare.se also delivers drone services such as aerial photography and film as well as geographical mapping


Bytecare.se was founded in 2011 and delivers IT related services and products

  • Technical advisory
  • Solution design
  • Implementation & configuration
  • Hardware
  • Aerial inspection / photography / film (roads, power lines, property etc.) using drones
  • Aerial geo-mapping / ortho photo of smaller areas (parking areas, forest, real estate etc.) using drones


Close encounter

Close and personal with this mighty eagle yesterday. Hade turen att få syn på denna idag. Det märks att de står högt i näringskedjan. Helt orädd. 🦅 Publicerat av Johan Sadelius Söndag 8 juli 2018

(508) 374-4129

Finally, it has arrived! Right now we have an ongoing snow storm in Arjeplog but as soon as the weather is stable enough, a test-flight and some shooting will be performed.  


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