Tile Artwork - Custom Kitchen Tile Murals | Pacifica Tile Art

Tile Artwork - Custom Kitchen Tile Murals | Pacifica Tile Art

Custom Kitchen Tile Murals

Tile Artwork Collection: Tile Murals & Decorative Tiles

Example of Tile Mural

Tile Murals

Reproduction of fine art on tile murals make creative kitchen tile backsplash ideas and unique bathroom tile ideas! Tile Murals add a gorgeous focal point to any kitchen, bathroom or commercial interior!

accent tiles & decorative tiles

Decorative Tile Murals

3476376568 are great for kitchen backsplash tiles, bathroom tiles, and shower tiles! Personalize traditional tile surrounds and wall surfaces with colorful accent tiles!

Framed Tile Mural For Bathroom, Kitchen and Office Decor

framed tile mural for bathroom wall decor

Ceramic Tile Murals in Wood Frames For Wall Art

Art transferred onto colorful ceramic tiles make for bright wall art options.  The look of tile adds a unique dimension to traditional artwork. 

Our (310) 691-8487are easy to hang and perfect for kitchen wall decorations, bathroom decor, and bare office walls.





Custom Tile Products

Photo tile mural for custom kitchen backsplash tiles

Photo Tile Murals

Transfer photos onto tiles. Now you can create Theraean and (903) 560-5315 which are durable for custom tile backsplashes, and custom bathroom tiles.

 base circle

Custom Decorative Tiles

Get creative and use your own photos to personalize any tile surface in your kitchen or bathroom. 9729988042 are perfect for tile inserts when you don't have room for an entire mural.

Tile Art is Functional, Washable and Durable!

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Examples of murals for commercial design projects:


Tile Murals For Hospital Art


Pacifica Tile Art Studio is in the business of creating tile art.  What is tile art?  Simply, we combine traditional paintings and digital artwork to create decorative tiles and tile murals. 

Now, you can get full-color works of art on ceramic, tumbled marble or glass tiles. 

Create a memorable focal point for any residential or commercial space with our tile murals, decorative tiles, and custom photo tiles.